Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink (#7 is the fastest)

Best internal SSD for PS5 with heatsink (#5 is the fastest)

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There’s no doubt that you would need one of the best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink to expand upon the limiting 667GB stock SSD of PS5.

Considering that games like COD Warzone take up around 120GB along with games like Gran Turismo 7 that comfortably take around 200GB, there’s no doubt that you would need the best internal SSD for PS5 to combat this issue.

Unlike the External SSDs, you can play games directly on the PS5 internal SSD instead of just storing them. Which saves you from the hassle of transferring your games back and forth between the internal and external drives just to play them.

Sony requirements for Internal SSD for PS5

You cannot buy any random M.2 SSD from Amazon and expect it to work in your PS5. You would need to buy an SSD that actually complies with Sony requirements.

Here are the following requirements for the Best Internal SSD for PS5

  • PCIe Gen4x4 Interface
  • 250 GB – 4 TB support
  • Supported SSD sizes: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
  • 5500MB/s or faster Sequential read Speed recommended
  • M.2 SATA SSD are not supported

Is the heatsink needed for PS5 SSD?

Unlike Gaming PCs, the internal SSD expansion bay in the PS5 is not actively cooled. To deal with this, Sony recommends using a heatsink with your SSD as an overheating SSD can not only shorten its life but can dramatically affect its performance.


To make things easier for you, we have listed down the Best internal SSD for PS5 that not only complies with Sony requirements but also comes with a heatsink.


1) Seagate Firecuda 530 1 TB

Seagate Firecuda 530 1 TB



  • Clean Design

  • Impressive Speeds

  • Expensive

  • Faster options available

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Seagate and Sony go way back. Seagate has been partnering with Sony for a long time, releasing Playstation Certified drives and Playstation games exclusive drives such as the Horizon Forbidden West Hard Drive.

Apart from PS5 Compatibility, what makes the Seagate Firecuda 530 one of the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink is that it performs impressively well in benchmarks, comfortably reaching a read speed of 7362MB/s and write speed of 5883MB/s, respectively that far surpasses Sony minimum speed requirements.

The drive features a Phison E18 controller allowing the Firecuda to reach fast speeds of PCIe Gen 4. The Firecuda 530 features a simple black heatsink and comes in 2280 size.

The 1 TB option may not be the biggest storage option available for the PS5, but it’s ample enough to store many PS5 and PS4 games, which makes the Seagate Firecuda 530 one of the best choices for the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink.

Though this is not the fastest drive on the market, the Seagate Firecuda 530 delivers greatly and will perform well in games.

2) Patriot Viper VP4300 1 TB

Patriot Viper VP4300 1 TB



  • Faster innogrit rainer controller

  • Include two heatsinks

  • Great Speeds

  • Cheaper options available

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The Patriot Viper is an amazing drive that can achieve the blazing fast speeds of PCI Gen4 thanks to its Innogrit Rainer SSD controller that sometimes surpasses the speeds of the Phison E18 controller.

Achieving speeds of 7490MB/s reads and 5830MB/s, the Patriot Viper VP4300 satisfies the Sony requirements for a fast SSD. It makes it great for playing bandwidth-demanding games like Rachet and Clank Rift Apart, which lets you jump through different levels instantaneously thanks to the PCIe Gen4 speeds.

As for the SSD board itself. By default, it’s covered by a graphene sticker that helps in heat dissipation, but to 1UP that, The Patriot Viper includes a black heatsink that has slits which comes in handy if you were to use this in a Gaming PC that has active cooling, allowing the heatsink to cool the SSD effectively. Moreover, the SSD comes in the standard 2280 size.

However, the Patriot Viper would still work great with its aluminum heatsink in the PS5, which allows it to achieve its max speeds without thermal throttling, making the Patriot Viper VP4300 one of the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink.

3) addlink Addgame PS5 Compatible A95 2 TB

addlink Addgame PS5 Compatible A95 2 TB



  • Impressive speeds

  • Stylish heatsink

  • Ample storage

  • Faster drives available

Check Price on Amazon

Don’t let the confusing name fool you. The addlink Addgame SSD is an excellent drive that can go under your radar due to its confusing name.

Since the PS5 internal SSD is enclosed inside the console, you cannot see its stylish silver and dark grey aluminum heatsink that would otherwise look beautiful in a Gaming PC build. 

But its heatsink does a great job keeping the drive cool and complies just fine with Sony requirements. But the Addgame SSD just doesn’t comply in terms of cooling with Sony requirements.

It comfortably surpasses Sony’s 5500MB/s minimum requirements by achieving up to 7461MB/s reads, and staggering 6991MB/s writes. Making the Addgame SSD one of the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink.

This is perfect for not only playing PS5 games on the track, but you can also simply transfer your PS4 games from an external hard drive to the internal SSD, which would give you a significant boost in loading times when you are playing PS4 games off the Addgame SSD,

Again, don’t let the weird name fool you. The addlink Addgame performs exceptionally well in gaming and provides great value for money.

 4) SABRENT 4TB Rocket 4 Plus 4TB SSD – Best largest internal SSD for PS5

 SABRENT 4TB Rocket 4 Plus 4TB SSD



  • Decent speeds

  • Amplw sizw

  • List Item 3

  • Expensive

  • Faster SSDs available in the market

Check Price on Amazon

Sabrent is popular regarding performance SSDs, and the Rocket 4 Plus is no different with its great performance.

The Rocket 4 Plus comes with a black heatsink with Sabrent signature copper-pink color accents along with slits across the whole heatsink that helps the SSD cool better in an active cooling scenario e.g. in a Gaming PC.

But that doesn’t mean that the Rocket 4 Plus disappoints inside the PS5. The drive performs really well, achieving well over 7000MB/s read speeds and 6600MB/s writes making this the Sabrent 4 Rocket 4 Plus, one of the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink.

The 4TB capacity provides more than enough room for all future PS5 titles while also maxing out the PS5 storage. So if you plan on collecting and expanding your massive game library. You simply won’t be disappointed by the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus.

Thanks to its 3000TB endurance, the Rocket 4 Plus will last for years to come, allowing you to build the ultimate game library.





  • Effective alumunium heatsink

  • 5 years warranty

  • Mediocre speeds

  • Can run hot with basic graphene cover

Check Price on Amazon

The T-Force CARDEA A440 by TeamGroup is a solid contender for the Best Internal SSDs for PS5 with a heatsink. 

The CARDEA A440 heatsink has a very aggressive design with ridges with golden accents to complement the T-Force Cardea A440 overall theme. And its no doubt that the aggressive-looking heatsink does a great job in dissipating heat under load.

And we would strongly recommend you to use the Alumunium heatsink that comes with the drive instead of the pre-applied graphene heatsink. This is because the drive thermal throttles without the aluminum heatsink and fails to sustain its speed.

The CARDEA A440 does the job just fine in benchmarks. It achieves 5011MB/s reads and 4467MB/s writes. Though this may not be the fastest SSD in our lineup, it performs fine just fine in the PS5, loading games reasonably fast.

In case you are concerned about the drive dying on you, the CARDEA A440 comes with 1400TB of write endurance along with 5yrs of warranty. 

Overall, the CARDEA A440 is a decent SSD that can easily fulfill your PS5 storage needs.

6) WD_BLACK 1TB SN850 SSD – Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink recommended by Sony lead architect




  • Reccomended by sony lead architect

  • Decent transfer speeds

  • 5 year warranty

  • Faster options available in market

Check Price on Amazon

The WD_BLACK series is renowned for being among the best and most reliable NVME SSDs. The SN850 is recommended by Sony lead architect Mark Cerny, as he posted on Twitter that he bought two of these for his wife and himself.

This should eliminate any worries you might have about compatibility issues with the PS5.

And we cannot doubt Mark’s choice because the SN850 performs exceptionally well regarding benchmarks. The SN850 achieves 7000MB/s reads and 5204MB/s writes easily, thanks to its Gen4 interface.

Making the SN850 one of the Best Internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink.

The SN850 has a classy industrial design with its black heatsink with ridges that gives off the look of an industrial storage container. It also does a great job of dissipating heat which can be seen in its amazing performance.

The drive also comes with 600TB write endurance which makes the drive quite reliable for long-term use, and even if your drive dies, Western Digital got you covered.

7) Corsair MP600 PRO LPX 2TB SSD – fastest Internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX 2TB SSD



  • Stupid fast read and write speeds

  • 5 years warranty

  • Great value for money

  • 500GB model is slower, avoid it

Check Price on Amazon

If you want the fastest SSD available on the market. Then the MP600 is something you gotta look at. Corsair is known for making quality and reliable PC Components, and the MP600 LPX is no exception. 

The MP600 PRO LPX performs extremely well in benchmarks. It achieves 7400MB/s reads and blazing fast 6900MB/s writes, Making it a great candidate for the PS5 as it can not only run PS5 games instantly like Spiderman Miles Morales but can also boost the loading times of PS4 games.

Since Corsair doesn’t produce its own NAND, it’s powered by the reliable Micron TLC NAND that is controlled by Phison E18. Which is responsible for MP600 Gen4 speeds. 

The 1400TB endurance and 5 years of brand warranty show that Corsair has confidence in this drive regarding reliability. 

As for the design, the MP600 PRO LPX comes in a minimal black heatsink with deep slits that significantly helps airflow and cooling in an active cooling scenario. But that doesn’t mean that the SSD suffers in thermals when it comes to passive cooling, which is what is available in the PS5.

8) SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink 1TB

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX 2TB SSD



  • Decent speeds

  • Slower compared to competition

  • Expensive

Check Price on Amazon

Samsung is a known champion in producing quality NAND chips, and this can be seen in the Samsung top-of-the-line SSD.

Unlike the competition that uses the Phison E18 controller and SK Hynix/Micron NAND, the 980 Pro is powered by Samsung’s own NAND controller and Samsung’s own V MLC NAND, which excels in performance and power efficiency. 

The 980 Pro’s performance isn’t exactly the best compared to the competition, but it still performs really well by achieving 6786MB/s reads and 5002MB/s writes. Which makes the 980 Pro one of the Best internal SSD for PS5 with a heatsink. 

Usually, the 980 Pro comes with a simple black label, but now Samsung sells the drive with a heatsink, which you need for your PS5.  And the drive comes with 600 TB endurance which is not the best considering that the competition offers so much, but it’s better than nothing.


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