Is your Gaming Laptop lagging? (Here’s how to fix it)

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Nothing sucks more than losing a match or missing out on an easy kill due to lagging. It can be really frustrating when your gaming laptop starts lagging out of nowhere and eventually ruin your game.


Though this issue isn’t uncommon, there could be many reasons why this could happen. 


We will look into multiple ways to solve this issue and stop your gaming laptop from lagging.


Plug in your gaming laptop’s charger

One of the reasons why your gaming laptop could lag is that it could be running on battery. 


When your gaming laptop is running on battery, it lowers its clock speeds in an effort to consume less energy, allowing it to last longer on battery.


When you plug in your laptop’s charger, your gaming laptop removes any limitations and boosts its processor and GPU’s speed to the max, which can result in better performance in games.


Connect with Ethernet Cable

 If you are playing online multiplayer and are experiencing constant stutters and lagging, then this could be due to an unstable internet connection. On WiFi, your connection could suffer from interference, which can cause lag and stutters.


You could fix this issue by doing something simple, connecting your gaming laptop to your router via an ethernet cable


An ethernet connection is much more stable and can not only help reduce latency in games but it will also allow you to have a stable and consistent download and upload speed.


Check your Internet Connection

It’s possible that any lag that you are facing while playing online multiplayer on your gaming laptop could be because of a wonky internet connection. 


One way to verify this is by checking if your internet is working on other devices in your room.


You could do this by checking if the Youtube app opens on your smart TV, or if you are able to browse the internet on your phone.


 If you are facing issues doing any of this, then you might consider contacting your ISP and letting them know that you are facing an issue.



Overheating could be one of the issues why your gaming laptop is lagging. Gaming laptops are already limited when it comes to ventilation. Since all the components in a gaming laptop are so tightly packed, they have little room to breathe.


And there are a number of reasons why your gaming laptop could overheat. You could be blocking the vents of your gaming laptop, or its internal heatsink could be clogged up by dust.


I go into detail on why your gaming laptop could be overheating in another post, so you can check that out to solve any overheating issue.


Windows running on HDD

No optimization is worth looking at if you are still running windows on a hard drive. Modern windows including Windows 10 and 11 simply can not run on a mechanical hard drive.


Running modern windows on a mechanical hard drive can result in a number of issues. This could include random freezes, stuttering, and hard disk usage being stuck at 100%.


The only way to solve this issue is by upgrading your windows boot drive to an SSD. I go into much detail on how you can upgrade to an SSD which you can read here.


Clean your Drives

Your gaming laptops could also have a hard time performing if their storage drives are filled with unnecessary junk. This could be random files that you are too lazy to delete or other random junk that is affecting the read and write speed of your drives. 


So we recommend going into your gaming laptop storage and deleting files and apps that are useless or you don’t need anymore, as doing so would significantly help with the performance of your gaming laptop which can help reduce lag in games.


Lowering Graphic Settings

You might just be putting too much strain on your gaming laptop, more than it can handle. One way to fix lag in games is by lowering the graphic settings. 


It’s possible that the game that you are trying to run is quite demanding and your gaming laptop is struggling to keep up with it. 


So to solve this issue, we recommend going into the settings and turning down the graphic settings to the point where you get playable framerates.

Run a Virus Scan

A nefarious software could be hampering your gaming laptop’s performance. Malware in the background could be eating resources that could have been allocated to your game. This would ultimately result in some form of lag.


One simple way to remove such malware is by using Windows’ built-in antivirus called windows defender. You have to follow the following steps:

Step 1:Press the Win key and type Windows Security and click on it.

Step 2: Click on Virus & threat protection.

Step 3: If Windows has already found some threats, then click on start actions.

Step 4: If there are no threats shown, then click on Scan options

Step 5: Click on full scan and then click on Scan now.

Though this scan would take time to complete, it would at least make sure that your gaming laptop is virus free.


Once you are done eliminating the threat on your gaming laptop, jump back into your game of choice and monitor the performance and see if there’s any improvement.

Kill unnecessary programs in the background

It’s quite possible that unnecessary programs that you are probably not using are consuming resources in the background. 


You can start by closing these unnecessary apps from your taskbar. 


To take this one step further, you can start killing programs from the task manager.


Step 1: Search for task manager in the Windows search

Step 2: click on the program you want to kill and then click on End Task.


Once you kill all the unnecessary programs from the background, your gaming laptop would start to free up RAM and CPU resources. This would help you get performance improvement in games, which would in turn reduce any game lag.


Updating graphic driver

It’s quite possible that your graphic card’s drivers are acting wonky and are in a dire need of an upgrade.


Updating an Nvidia GPU driver

If your laptop has an Nvidia GPU, you need to download Geforce Experience if you haven’t already.


Once you have opened Geforce Experience, click on the drivers’ tab, here you will see any update that is available. In case nothing shows up there, manually check for updates.


Once the update is available, click on the download driver button.  After that, click on the Express installation button and then your drivers should start to update. 


Once installed, I suggest you restart your PC and hop back into a game to check if your gaming laptop still lags or not.


Updating AMD Driver

Updating your AMD Radeon graphics is pretty simple. Just right-click on the desktop and click on AMD Radeon Settings.


After opening Radeon settings, click on the updates option on the bottom left side of the settings menu. Once you enter that menu, click on check for updates.


Right-click on the new recommended update of your graphics card and then click on express upgrade. Click on Proceed and then let the update install. Once the update is installed, restart your system.



Why is my ping low but I still lag?

If you are still experiencing lagging despite having a low ping, then it’s possible that your gaming laptop is struggling to provide a stable performance. 


And there could be something wrong on both the software and hardware side including overheating, viruses, etc.

Does higher FPS reduce lag?

Yes higher FPS can help reduce lag. However, if your game ping is high, then the problem here is your network connection. A weak network connection is bound to cause lagging no matter how high your FPS is.

Does more RAM reduce lag?

More RAM can allow games to run significantly smoother and better which can ultimately reduce lag to some extent. However, lag caused by a poor network issue in online multiplayer can not be fixed by increasing the RAM.

How do I clear my RAM without restarting it?

You can clear your RAM by opening up Task manager and clicking on apps you don’t need and then clicking on end task.

Why is my game lagging when I have good internet?

Your game could be lagging due to software or hardware issues. This could be viruses, or dust accumulation inside your device which could lead to overheating, outdated drivers, and so on.

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