8 Reasons why Gaming Laptops are so expensive

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Gaming laptops are great machines for someone who wants a powerful machine on the go.


Unlike traditional laptops, Gaming laptops are packed in with high-end hardware such as a high refresh rate display, high-end processors, and great I/O. 


These features allow you to have desktop-like functionality without carrying all the heavy Desktop PC components along with you when you travel.


And all these features come at a cost, which makes these gaming laptops quite expensive.


Let’s take a deeper dive and see what makes these gaming laptops so expensive.


High-end components

What makes gaming laptops expensive is the high-end CPU and GPU needed to run games. A normal office laptop is not powerful enough to run modern triple-A titles. 


A gaming laptop is equipped with components that can run these games at high settings and buttery framerates.


These high-end components, such as a Core i7 CPU, RTX GPU, high refresh rate displays, gaming keyboard, etc., are costly and contribute to the overall expensive nature of a gaming laptop.


Custom and proprietary parts

Unlike a traditional Gaming PC, one of the reasons why a gaming laptop is expensive is that it has proprietary parts and components. Apart from components like the RAM, Storage, and WiFi card, the core components of a laptop are proprietary.


This means that they have to design and configure every laptop model specifically and separately. This adds significant overhead to the overall production cost of the laptop, which is later passed on to the consumer in the form of a higher price tag.


Effective cooling system

Performance comes at a cost, which is heat. To allow power-hungry components such as the CPU and GPU to perform up to the mark, gaming laptops are equipped with a special cooling system.


Unlike a Gaming PC, a gaming laptop’s components are packed tightly together, which gives them little room to breathe. This, along with keeping a slim laptop profile, makes cooling a challenge.


This is one of the reasons why gaming laptops are infamous for overheating and being loud during gaming. To resolve this issue, manufacturers try their best to implement an effective cooling system that can tackle this issue.

So a robust cooling system contributes to the expensive price tag of a gaming laptop.

Apart from the robust cooling system, you can also lower your gaming laptop temps by getting a cooling pad.

Bigger Battery

As we alluded to it earlier, gaming laptops are packed in with powerful components, and these components consume a lot of power. 


To keep these gaming laptops running as long as possible, manufacturers try to pack in a bigger battery to keep the gaming laptop on for as long as possible. 


It’s simply not possible to game on a laptop without wall power. The most you can get out of a gaming laptop while gaming is one hour. 


So to improve the overall battery life of the laptop, manufacturers include a bigger battery. 


As you might expect, including a bigger battery contributes to the final price tag of the gaming laptop, making then expensive.


R&D Cost

Making and manufacturing gaming laptops requires a lot of research and planning. 


Manufacturers have to configure and make every laptop model specifically and separately, making sure that all components work together and work properly in a specific configuration.


While taking care of all the basics, they also have to do research and spend a lot of their budget on improving upon their previous model while also bringing in new features that will help them stay competitive in the industry.


To make this all possible, the manufacturers have to the R&D cost by raising the prices of their gaming laptops. Hence, this also contributes to the expensive price tag of the gaming laptop.


Warranty and After-Sales Service

Having a great warranty and after-sales service is essential for a gaming laptop. As we discuss earlier, most of the parts in a gaming laptop aren’t easily replaceable. And you can’t just order parts for a specific laptop model that easily.


This is where a good warranty and after-sales service come into play. In case your laptop breaks down, or if a component dies, the manufacturer’s after-sales service should help you get your laptop up and running.


Though it’s true that some manufacturers tend to have absolutely awful after-sales service, this is where some of the laptop cost is allocated. This drives up the cost of the gaming laptop, making it expensive.

Brand Royalty

Gaming laptops are often made by big name manufacturers and you can hardly spot an underdog among them. 


Brands like Asus, MSI, HP, Dell etc all charge their brand premium that further contribute to the increased price tag of the gaming laptop. 


And they do that without thinking too much because they know that consumers will buy their product because of the brand name attached to it.


So don’t be surprised when you find a pricer gaming laptop from a well known brand such as Asus or Dell.


Built in Accessories and Peripherals

Unlike a Gaming PC, Gaming laptops come with accessories and peripherals aside from the main computer components.


This means that when you buy a gaming laptop, you don’t need to buy an additional monitor, keyboard or webcam. 


And these peripherals arent ordinary ones either. When picking a display, a manufacturer would include a high refresh rate display, and might choose a color accurate one depending on the model.


As for the keyboard, though manufacturers would usually opt for membrane keyboard and try to make it feel good as gamers are usually used to mechanical keyboard. 


So the addition of specialised peripherals with the gaming laptop significantly drives up the price of a gaming laptop, leading a higher price tag.



Are gaming laptops more expensive than normal laptops?

Yes, gaming laptops are usually more expensive than normal laptops. This is due to the high-end hardware packed inside, along with other bells and whistles that make them expensive compared to the average office/work laptop.


What are the disadvantages of a gaming laptop?

There are many disadvantages of a gaming laptop. Among them are overheating issues, underpowered hardware, and an expensive price tag. All of these factors convenience people to choose a gaming PC over a gaming laptop.

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