Why does my gaming laptop have ants?

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There’s no doubt that having insects near your working area is quite disgusting, but what is even more gross is insects infiltrating your gaming laptop.


It’s hard to touch a nasty gaming laptop without getting some of the ants on yourself. 


To solve this issue, we are going to look at how you can remove ants from your gaming laptop and why they invade your gaming laptop in the first place.


Can Ants damage your Gaming Laptop?

Yes, ants can damage your gaming laptop. So we strongly recommend you shut down your gaming laptop if it’s on and remove the battery if possible.


Since ants can conduct electricity, they could easily short your laptop’s components. This could happen if ants are roaming around on the inside of your laptop, on the motherboard. 


So when you turn on your gaming laptop, the current flows through the motherboard and the ants, causing a short circuit on your gaming laptop.


Reasons why your gaming laptop has Ants

You have food stains and crumbs on your gaming laptop

If you eat around your gaming laptop and don’t bother cleaning it later, then you shouldn’t be surprised to see ants around your laptop. 


Like any other insects, ants are on the hunt to get food, so when they see crumbs and bits of food all over your laptop, they decide to bring their entire colony with them.


Ants love the heat from your laptop.

Ants like to reside in warm places, so when they sense warmth from your laptop chassis after an intense gaming session, they naturally tend to gravitate toward it. 


Some ants, like fire ants and crazy ants, are naturally attracted to electricity. Though the reason is still unknown as to why this happens, this ends up being one of the main reasons ants come to your laptop.


Combing the heat with the availability of food, your gaming laptop starts to look like an ideal place for ants.


This leads to ants migrating to your gaming laptop as their nest, making them want to lay eggs. 


What makes the situation worse is when an ant dies in your laptop or around your laptop, whether by electrocution or by getting chopped by the laptop fan, they release pheromones. 


This attracts other ants, letting them know something is up and that they gotta check up on their bros.


When these other ants come in to investigate their fellow ant that just died, they also end up dying. This results in a chain reaction which can cause many ants to pile up around your gaming laptop.


Signs of Ants near your gaming laptop

Ant Frass around your gaming laptop

If you see ant frass/ feces around your laptop cooling vents or around the keyboard, then there’s a high chance that ants have infested your laptop. 


You could also see them around the surface on which your laptop is placed. 


So if you see something that looks like wood shavings around your desk, then its quite likely that ants have infested that area.

Live Ants roaming around your gaming laptop

Ants roaming around your laptop chassis, going in and out of it is a clear sign that your gaming laptop is infested with ants.


 You could check the intake and exhaust vents of your laptop to verify this, if you see any ant activity there, then they have infested your laptop.


How to get rid of Ants from your Gaming Laptop

Run an intense benchmark to overheat your laptop

Though ants love warm environments, they get too uncomfortable if it gets really hot. And once your laptop warms up to uncomfortable temperatures, the ants would evacuate your gaming laptop.


Before we go any further, do note that this is a temporary solution and the ants may return to your laptop once it cools down a bit.

So to warm up your laptop, you need to run an intensive benchmark. We recommend Furmark as it will put quite a lot of stress on your gaming laptop, and make it a space heater.

Thoroughly clean your keyboard to remove food crumbs and dust

Your keyboard is the prime trap for all sorts of food crumbs and dust, attracting all the ants to your gaming laptop.


Unlike a desktop keyboard, you can not pull the keycaps out. So cleaning a gaming laptop may be relatively difficult. All you have to do is get a cleaning brush with fine bristles that can go between and remove all the junk around the keys. 

Though we recommend using an cordless mini vacuum cleaner that can suck up all the dust and crumbs between the keys.


If you have a cleaning brush, carefully clean the keyboard and make sure that you get rid of all food crumbs and bits. 


In case you have the mini vacuum cleaner, make sure you use the brush nozzle just so you can get all the dust and crumbs in the keyboard.


Once you are done cleaning the keyboard, it’s time to remove any food or drink stains on the laptop chassis.

Use electronic wipes to carefully clean food or drink stains 

Using regular wipes can damage the laptop, especially the screen. Even if you are able to clean the plastic or the metallic chassis of your laptop with regular wipes, you can’t use them on the screen.


This is where the electronic wipes come to the rescue, they don’t scratch the surface, and they dry up quickly without leaving any residue.


Start cleaning by first getting rid of any stains. Carefully wipe and clean the stains carefully around your laptop. Also, make sure that you use different wipes on different parts of the laptop.


Once you are done taking out all the stains, start cleaning the entire laptop chassis. Apart from food stains, the dust has also probably settled and covered your laptop chassis. 


So make sure you get rid of all the dust from the laptop chassis.


Once you are done cleaning the chassis, it’s to move on the inside of your gaming laptop.

Open up the laptop and clean it from the inside

Now you need to open and clean up your laptop from the inside. I have gone into detail in this article on how you can open up your laptop and clean it thoroughly. So make sure you check that out.


When you have access to the internals of your laptop, there’s a high chance that you will see stuff like frass or dead ants inside your laptop. Make sure to get rid of them completely, or else ants will find their way in due to pheromones.

Kill ants with sugary and baking soda mix

Make a mixture of baking soda and confectionary sugar and leave it near your gaming laptop and work desk. 


When the ants sense the sugary mixture, they will leave your laptop and go towards the mixture to eat it. The mixture will block their intestines, causing them to die. Some of these ants would carry this solution back to their colony, causing damage to their entire community.

Get rid of Ants from your Gaming Laptop permanently

Clean your laptop regularly and maintain it

You need to maintain a good cleaning habit to ensure that your gaming laptop doesn’t get any attention from ants.


You can do this by avoiding eating or drinking near your gaming laptop. 


And even if you wish to eat near your laptop, make sure to clean up your gaming laptop and your desk right after you are done with your meal.


Also, avoid touching your gaming laptop with greasy or oily fingers. Doing so would lead to stains on your laptop keys and on the chassis, which can inevitably attract ants to your gaming laptop.


So make sure you wash your hands with soap, and dry them with a towel before you touch your gaming laptop.


You could also avoid staining your gaming laptop’s keyboard by using a keyboard skin/protective skin. 


These go over your laptop keys and protect them from any stains. And when it gets stains on it, you could simply wash it.

Get your home treated for Ants

Considering that your ants managed to get into your laptop, there’s a high chance there’s already an ant colony in your house. And it’s quite possible that they go after other electronics in your house, like a gaming console or a gaming PC.


Before any of that happens, contact a professional pest controller and get them to get rid of any ants in your house.


There’s no doubt that ants are a nuisance that needs to be taken care off. So make sure that you follow the steps above carefully and keep your gaming laptop ants free.