Why Gaming Laptops are heavy?

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One of the reasons why people tend to avoid gaming laptops is because of their weight. 


Laptops are one of those devices that you would expect to be lightweight and easy to carry around. 


However, gaming laptops don’t follow that trend by being relatively heavy and bulky.


So today, we are going to take a closer look into why gaming laptops usually tend to be quite heavy.


Reasons why your gaming laptop is heavy and bulky

Large Heatsinks

Larger and beefier heatsinks are one of the sole reasons why gaming laptops are so heavy. As you might know, gaming laptops are made with performance in mind. 


This means that they are packed in with hardware that consumes lots of power and outputs tons of heat along with performance. 


To dissipate all that heat effectively under a tightly packed chassis, manufacturers pack in beefy heatsinks that are thick in size and big. This inevitably forces manufacturers to make gaming laptops heavy and bulky.


Do note that you would usually find this most in high-end gaming laptops. This could include the ROG Scar 15, Acer Predator Triton 500 SE, MSI Raider GE77Hx, etc.


Massive Batteries

As we discussed earlier, gaming laptops are made with performance in mind; this means that they draw tons of power.


To tackle this, manufacturers include massive batteries, going up to 99Wh. This helps the laptop survive a bit on laptop power. 


And considering that a beefy gaming laptop can consume a 99Wh in one hour under load, it’s essential that gaming laptops have the biggest battery possible.


Besides, gaming laptops are infamous for bad battery life, and this is the exact reason why. 


So to help fight back this reputation, manufacturers include bigger batteries that make a gaming laptop heavy.

Robust and Solid Chassis

A solid and beefy chassis adds heft to a gaming laptop. Since gaming laptops are premium devices, manufacturers also tend to go all out when making the chassis of a gaming laptop.


This could be in the shape of an aluminum build, more robust plastic being used, etc. All of this ends up eventually adding more weight to the entire gaming laptop.


Though you might find plastic in a premium gaming laptop a bit disappointing, do note that it’s not your cheap plastic. 


Instead, manufacturers use sturdier and beefy plastic that adds rigidness to the entire chassis.


Larger Motherboard

Regular laptops are usually relatively small, where there is one APU and a tiny heatsink to cool the entire thing. This is not the same on a gaming laptop motherboard. 


On a gaming laptop’s motherboard, you have to accompany a discrete GPU along with beefier VRMs to ensure the gaming laptop performs as expected. 


Furthermore, gaming laptops tend to have more I/O that requires more bandwidth, so that, too, contributes to the size of the motherboard, which leads to a heavier gaming laptop.


Bigger Displays

Though bigger displays are not unique to a gaming laptop, do note that bigger displays do contribute to the overall heft of a gaming laptop.


Besides, a bigger gaming display is essential for a good gaming experience, so even if manufacturers decide to lower the weight of a gaming laptop by including a smaller display, it most likely won’t sell well.



Are there any lightweight gaming laptops?

The Asus TUF Dash 15 is our top pick for the best lightweight gaming laptop. It’s lightweight while packing in a considerable amount of power. 


And it has a decent battery life, which makes it an excellent option for everyday use. You can read our detailed review of it here.

What weight of the laptop is too heavy?

Anything above 1.5kg or 3.3 lbs is noticeably heavy and painful to carry around. So avoid it if you don’t want a heavy laptop.


What is the heaviest laptop in the world?

The Acer Predator 21X holds the record for being the heaviest laptop in the world, coming at around 8.7kg or 187.7 lbs.


Are Gaming Laptops heavy?

No, not all gaming laptops are heavy. Though if you opt for high-end gaming laptops with beefy specs, you will most likely find them noticeably heavy. 


But if you are ready to compromise on performance, you can get away with relatively slimmer gaming laptops.


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