Why is my laptop battery draining fast?

laptop with low battery

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Nothing disrupts your workflow like a dying laptop. Great battery life is essential for an optimal workflow. 


So let’s see why your laptop’s battery is draining and what you could do to stop it potentially.

Reasons why your Laptop battery drains and how to fix it

Screen Brightness is maxed out

Keeping your laptop’s brightness at max can significantly contribute to battery drain. 


If you are one of those who keep their display brightness at all times, then you need to change your habits.


Try to tone down the brightness when you don’t need it. You can do this when you are sitting in a dim room so you can save your battery. 


You can also keep your display’s brightness low at all times and only increase it when you actually need it.

The keyboard backlit is turned on

Like the screen brightness, a keyboard constantly backlit on and being used can add to your laptop’s battery drain.


If you usually work in a well-lit room, it’s better to turn off the keyboard backlit on your laptop. 


Unless you use your laptop in the dark, the backlit is an unnecessary burden on your laptop’s battery. So it’s just better to turn it off.


Your Laptop is set to Performance mode.

It’s most likely that your laptop’s power profile is set to performance mode. This gives free access to your CPU and GPU to perform to their fullest and provide the best performance. 


However, the obvious trade-off is that this leads to a higher battery drain. So when you are doing light office work that involves browsing the web, watching a video, or writing a word document, it’s better to tone down the power plan.


You can easily do this by clicking on the battery icon and moving the slider toward the left. If your laptop is not in performance mode, instead it’s in the middle, then you can move it to battery saver mode. Though do note that this could have a significant effect on your laptop’s performance.

So we only prefer to use the battery-   mode when you are not near a charger and want your laptop to last as long as possible. 

Unnecessary programs are running in the background

This is a common issue behind battery drain. Having unnecessary programs in the background can drive up your laptop’s CPU, RAM, and SSD usage, which can significantly increase battery consumption.


An easy way to eliminate such programs is by closing them when you are not using them. Just go to your taskbar and kill all the apps that you are not using.


There are probably some apps that are running in the background. 


To kill those, you can go to the right side of your taskbar and click the arrow icon to reveal all the apps running in the background. Just right-click and exit them.


If you feel like digging deeper, then you can open the task manager and check what unnecessary processes are currently running and what are currently consuming most of your resources. And then you can kill those programs accordingly.

Peripherals connected to your laptop

If you have some peripherals connected to your laptop sitting idle, like a game controller, a webcam, or an cooling pad doing nothing, they can contribute to the battery drain.


Simply unplug such peripherals when you are not using them, and you will notice a significant improvement in your laptop’s battery life.


A disc is being read constantly.

A laptop with a DVD drive can be busy reading a disc that you might leave there a while ago. An optical drive constantly reading a DVD or a CD can also contribute to battery drain.


So once you are done with the DVD or the CD, eject it and keep it back in its case.

You might have a small battery

Sometimes no matter how you try to optimize, you will always have a bad battery life. Manufacturers cut corners or save space in the laptop chassis by including a smaller battery.


Due to this, your laptop ends up having a shorter battery life. Now you can’t swap in a bigger battery like your RAM and Storage. So make sure before buying your next laptop, you pick one with a bigger battery and overall better battery life.

Your laptop might have a buggy BIOS

A buggy BIOS might be to blame for the awful battery life on your laptop. It’s possible that your laptop is running an outdated BIOS that is causing issues with Windows and the hardware of your laptop.


This could be easily fixed by updating your BIOS to the latest version available. You could do this by going to your laptop’s manufacturer’s website, searching for your laptop’s model no, and downloading the appropriate BIOS.


The process for every laptop can be a bit different. However, this is how generally the process goes for downloading and installing the BIOS.



Why is my laptop battery draining so fast all of a sudden?

Your laptop battery drains faster when its components are hard at work. If you have recently installed a new app or plugged in new hardware, try removing that. 


If you see any improvement in battery consumption after removing said hardware or software, then that is likely to blame. 


Why does my Laptop battery drain in 5 minutes?

The reason why your look battery is draining in 5 minutes is most likely due to a faulty battery and you need to get it replaced.

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